beautiful PEople – beautiful TRIBE


“A tribe is a group of distinct people, dependent on their land for their livelihood, who are largely self-sufficient, and not integrated into the national society. It is perhaps the term most readily understood and used by the general public…”

Food fashion and people!

I found my tribe.

People who get me.

The kinda people who wont mind if I fall down, flat on the floor to get some snapshots of their shoes, or lean pass their shoulders to take a picture of their food.

The kinda people who knows how to take a selfie and make it work.

The kinda people who don’t mind speaking their minds about things and stuff and products and other stuff like that.

The kinda people who are honest.  The kinda people who are fun.

People whom I can learn from.

I attend the annual #ECMeetUp because apart from meeting new bloggers, I get to hang out with cool kids.  I thought I’d share my reasons for attending this super cool event:

  • N E T W O R K I N G – Yes this is a thing, because even if you live under a rock, there are people you might still not have met under that rock.  Same, same with the blogging society. When you attend The #ECMeetUp you get to meet bloggers, sponsors, PR Companies and this makes it all easier to approach them for collaborations, product reviews and even a give-away or two for your blog.


  • D R E S S  U P – because mense gaan foto’s neem en so antes!


  • F O O D – the best of the best!  Because taking pictures are everythang at the meet-up, we get to experience most beautiful food and take snaps of our food without judgement.
  • F U N – will be had because this is what happens when a bunch of creatives get together.


  • F R E E B I E – Goodie bags will be given and you might find something in there you never knew you loved!


  • L E A R N – a thing, or two, or three, because people cleverer than you will share stories and experiences of their own.

I can’t wait for the next #ECMeetup

Make sure you get your ticket/s!


Love & Laughter

Big Mouth Rae


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