Parenting hard…they are kids, they are still learning!

Sometimes kids just don’t realize …

They fight.

They quarrel.

They grab.

They push.

But most importantly, they forgive.

We all live busy lives.

We wake-up, get ready, we “coffee”, we “parent”, we work,we “coffee” some more and we “adult”. Sometimes so hard we forget to play. Adulting is not always 1, 2, 3 easy and as working moms and dads don’t always have the time to focus on things like etiquette.

I parent hard! I push for polite and force the issue of acting kind. I mean it does not cost anything to be polite or kind, but it does take time to get there. Our kids won’t just wake up kind one day with good manners “ewe skielik polite”.

Alas! We have to reinforce those magic words.

This weekend and the other and another, I took Adam to the Spur because you can have a decent cuppa coffee and have your kid play indoors and not indoors at home where you have just cleaned everything and want the place to stay neat for at least an hour or two before the toddler strikes again…

My dear Mommy friends reading this, hou jou hart vas! I counted at least 9 situations where kids in the playroom area got into a quarrel, pushed one another, grabbed a toy, played too rough and so on and so on. Of course this took me back to the recent Spur saga. And this had me thinking…

They fight.
They quarrel.
They grab.
They push.
But most importantly, they

That’s if we as parents allow them or encourage them to do so.

It could have turned out different. I could have lost my nuts. But I didn’t. Because they are kids, they are still learning!

This past weekend, a little boy grabbed a chair from Adam, and Adam started crying. I asked both of them what happened, and they tried to explain. I asked the boy to say sorry, explained to Adam that they must share nicely, I then told Adam to give him a hug and they continued to play along nicely… as if nothing happened. As if there were no tears 2minutes ago, as if no chair was grabbed.

As a parent, I hope that Adam always continue to be a well mannered and polite little boy, and that I never grow tired of encouraging him.

It is up to us as parents to teach and encourage our kids, all in the hope that wherever they go in life they will be fine, because we have installed kindness and the value of being polite into our little lads and ladies.

It starts with the basics.

Basic polite greetings.

By the young age of 12 months old, your child is certainly able to say “hello”, why not encourage the use of “goodbye” at the same time.

When asking for something, remind them to say “Please.”

When receiving something, remind them to say “Thank you.”

When grown-ups are speaking,don’t interrupt, remind them to say “Excuse me.”

Another good time to reinforce these “magic words”, would be upon the acceptance of that party invite you received last Tuesday.

Be lekker!

Do not say bad things to other kids.

Pay compliments.

When people ask you how you are, say “good thank you”, and then ask them how they are.

Knock on closed doors, listen for a response, then enter.

When you bump into somebody, always say “Excuse me.”

When visiting a friend, always say thank you for the fun time spent together. To your friend and your friend’s parents.

Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze.

Do not kiss babies in the face.

I think this is a good start.

Anything else you think we could encourage our toddlers to do or say in public?


Big Mouth Rae

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