Helloooo my lovlies ♡

Things have been a wee bit crazy(understatement) in the “I want to be a blogger” department…                               but oh so rewarding!

Today, I attended the annual bloggers #ECMeetUp *insert  J O Y  here*

It was once again fabulous!  

Well done to my blog mentor/ “feeder offer”/friend/ butt kicker/ socks puller upper/ crafter and big haired person Ella and also prego fairy Luchae who pulled it off again.  I know it wasn’t easy but you are loved by a whole lota bloggers in the bloggersphere.  Not just because the goodie bags you put so much effort and love into was of the hook with amazing treats, but also because every single person left The Plantation with at least a teaspoon full of encouragement.  We definitely learned something from the talented Davene Prinsloo and Mandy Lee Miller.

I am also soooooo grateful to have won the branding consultation with Mandy to boost my online presence. Honestly, I don’t think it has sunken in yet.  I am excited and also scared.

I am officially not a kamma-kamma blogger anymore.

I am going to try my best at blogging.

I am going to push myself to write down my thoughts and share funny pics.  Am I mad?  Am I seeking attention?

Nope! Judge all you want, I am a creative who loves the fact that platforms like Facebook reminds us of funny things we said or thought was cool 7 years ago.

Someone who believes in digital memories.  Someone who has no problem with remembering, but finds great pleasure in creating these memories and attaching a few words to it to describe it.  Years from now I might not be able to see but the stories attached to the memories will go forward and share a piece of life on this beautiful and somehow taken for granted world we live in.

So yes, judge all you can if I take 88 pictures of my food before I eat it.

I am going to #WIN!

Some happy snaps captured at the #ECMeetUp:


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