Happy 4th Birthday Rozario!

In case you checked out my INSTAGRAM this weekend and wondered what the Batman pics  were all about …

My dear friend Bronwynne’s son Rozario turned 4 on Saturday and I helped with the party set up which turned out  pretty cool.

Rozario was very clear from the beginning that he wanted a BATMAN themed party.

Mom Bronwynne decided to have a small gathering with  a few friends to celebrate the milestone .

So I decided to make these super cool easy DIY decor elements.

I recyled some broken photo frames and painted them with chalkbaord paint for the birthday signs .

Then I used a cereal box to make this mini Gotham City board.

I also covered an old canvas and painted BATMAN ‘s mask on it.

Of course I added in my TYPOSHOP marquee letter “R” right next to BATMAN…

And added the BATMAN emblem onto these beautiful jars with no#4 …

Had so much fun painting and creating these party elements.

Have you made anything for a special party lately?

Love & Laughter

Big Mouth Rae

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